Range/Classroom Scheduling

Please click on the below link to access our Trainers Range and Classroom scheduler

The classroom can accommodate up to 30 students and will have tables, chairs, coffee maker, small refrigerator, projector and screen available.-$50 per day

The Range is dedicated space in the caves and can accommodate many students shooting 10 at a time.  It can also be configured for advanced classes should you need it.-$10 per student

Range fees need to be paid when booked. We have already had users book the range and then not need it but that prevented other trainers from using it. This is going to happen from time to time but it should be the exception not the rule. It is expected that if you book the range, you will either use it, or cancel your booking several days in advance. should you not do either of those things then it is expected you pay for the number of students you think you will have. If this becomes a problem then I will no longer offer the range for trainers use.

Range Users