What People are Saying!



“My Conceal/Carry course experience with Tactical Simsolutions was ideal. They spent time with me personally, using simulation scenarios to provide real life experience, instead of just the normal classroom/textbook lectures. The instructors obviously knew their material, and had law-enforcement background which added even more foundation to their curriculum. For all the additional time and attention, their classes would have been worth much more, and I felt the extreme value for the certification. I would not hesitate to recommend Tactical Simulation Solutions to anyone, and have recommended them to many of my friends and colleagues.”
Darrin B, Prior Student
“My wife and I took the Concealed Carry Class with Tactical Simulation Solutions and were very pleased all around. The instructors were very informative and willing to answer any questions anyone had. I liked how the class was designed with having classroom time, range time, and then back to the classroom. It gave a break from being in the classroom for an extended period of time. My wife had never shot a gun before and the instructors had her fire a gun multiple times so that she knew what to expect with both how it fired and recoiled before she started her qualification test. After the qualifying test, we had the option to go straight to lunch or stay and use the range for a little bit longer. My wife and I both took this as an opportunity to become more familiar with some scenarios that the instructors had mentioned that we could be faced with. We both enjoyed the simulator that they offer, as it gave us a chance to see real life situations that we could encounter. It also allowed us to realize that we were not always fully aware of our surroundings during these situations. We would recommend Tactical Simulation Solutions and their training classes to anyone that is interested.”
Chris and Brenda Malcolm, Prior Students
“I have to say I was initially nervous about taking a concealed carry class. I was concerned about all I knew I had to learn and the liability and responsibility that comes along with properly carrying a weapon. The class was refreshing and professional and I quickly started to gain confidence that I could do this. My questions and concerns were answered and by the end of the course I knew I had taken a great step, now having the confidence I needed to carry a weapon and continue my training. I have gained a new respect for those that have chosen to take this step and legally carry a firearm. I highly recommend this course for anyone considering carrying a firearm or even curious about doing so.”
Brian G, Prior Student

The class was great. It was very insightful. I really appreciate your perspective as an active duty Police Officer.
Scott K, Prior Student
This class I feel is the best course out there. I felt like the instructor wanted us to succeed so it made going fun, exciting & he was very knowledgable. I would recommend everyone attend. It’s worth every penny. I’m a combat veteran who learned valuable information by attending. Keep up the good work
Tre R, Prior Student
I enjoyed the concealed carry class given by Tactical
Simulation Solutions.  The instructors covered all the required material in a way that was interesting, insightful and even fun.  They were respectful of all
class members and genuinely wanted to help us all pass the class.  While at the range they provided helpful suggestions and ideas to help me improve my shooting.  I would highly recommend Tactical Simulations Solutions to anyone wanting to get their concealed carry license.
Vicki W, Prior Student