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Our Story

Our story is simple (it’s long but simple)…I started TSS because several years ago my father took a concealed carry class and was explaining to me how his day went. He told me how they spent 6 hours reading the law regarding Kansas CCW; about 1 hour answering questions, and that final hour was spent shooting the qualification course that quite frankly my 4 year old could probably qualify. I told him that he should have taken a class from another trainer because it sounded like he had a pretty boring 8 hour Saturday.

Fast forward 2 years when my wife took her concealed carry class from a separate training school. I was excited to hear about her day so I could compare the two experiences. Much to my horror, she recounted her long day reading the law, answering questions, and then qualifying. WHAT A WASTE….This provided really no insight, training, or preparation. There had to be a better way.

As a police officer I know the importance of training. Quite frankly, you fight how you train so doesn’t it make sense to train how you would like to fight? Sitting down with your coffee watching a power point about the law then answering a few questions doesn’t prepare you for the worst day of your life. It does you no good and does not provide you with any tools or skills to stay alive if you ever are faced with a life or death situation.

Ideally, we would split up into teams and shoot at each other but that would make for bad business and far too many injuries. However what we can do is put you into a situation where you will be forced to make those split second decisions, defend those decisions, and know what to expect before, during, and after a lethal force encounter.

Check out our website for further details as to what we offer and what you can expect from our classes. It is our goal to provide the highest level of training, best technology, and the absolute most from your training dollars. We know you have a choice when it comes to your training. We invite you to choose us, you will not be disappointed.


All the Details


Tactical Simulation Solutions uses advanced simulation equipment to include infrared laser handguns, rifles, shotguns, infrared detection cameras, and HD video scenarios to immerse you in an actual scenario that you may encounter throughout your everyday activities.

Our scenarios are branching in nature meaning that we have the ability to change each scenario in real time as you are training. We base these branching options based on your reaction to what you are seeing, hearing, and feeling. For example, the scenario places you in a grocery store when you realize they are being robbed. The robber turns his attention towards you as he slowly advances towards you, demanding your wallet and car keys, while holding a knife in his hand. If you are using good verbal commands and tactics you may walk out of the scenario having resolved it without lethal force, however, based on your actions it may turn into a lethal force encounter where you are forced to make spit second decisions to save your life or someone else’s.


Lets use our concealed carry class as an example. You can expect a full 10 hour day including a short time period to eat lunch. The day will be broken up into training blocks. One block will be law review as required by Kansas Law (this is the boring part I will refer to later), another block will be scenario based training, another block for weapons familiarization, and another for basic handgun marksmanship. You will be expected to participate in the class not just be an observer. You can expect our staff to give you 110% for the duration of the class. We will help to improve


Please do not expect us to teach you how to shoot. When taking our training classes (aside from our introduction to shooting classes) you will need to have a basic understanding of pistol handling, sight alignment, stance, and trigger control. Our staff is certified instructors and can provide directions and tips on better shooting based on things we may see while both training and live fire but we don’t have the time during a class to teach you to shoot. You don’t have to be an expert but at least have a basic understanding. Also, please don’t expect us to be an expert on your particular firearm. Again, we are instructors and can train with a wide variety of firearms but due to the many manufacturers and specific options available on the market today it is impossible for us to know everything about everything. Please be knowledgeable on the operation of the firearm you bring to class.


We expect you to participate in all aspects of the training whether it is classroom, range, or physical aspects such as ground fighting (in our advance classes). We expect you to notify us should you have an injury or pre-existing condition that may affect your training. We expect you to treat the training environment as you would an actual situation. We expect you to have a ton of fun because we will be.